Innovations in Leadership
Expanding Your Horizons and Influence


Leadership Development


 To provide current leaders the opportunities to further develop their leadership skills and effectiveness to make a difference in the lives of people they work with and create capacity for greater leadership within the organization. 

Program Design and Structure:

 The program is focused around the work of leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell, and cover the principles of leadership, teamwork and personal growth through the leadership cohort – Mastermind Process.  This cohort learning model will be a series of 10 to 15 week programs with a one-hour a week meeting; a time of personal reflection; and an application activity by the individual participant.  Each cohort group will accommodate 7-10 current or emerging leaders.

Program Content:

 The content of the program is arranged in three distinct phases.  

  •  The first phase is focused on the participants learning the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and applying the laws to their life and work.  Instinctively, successful people understand that focus is important to achievement.  Leadership is complex and through this process the participants have a new entry point, the leadership conversation.  It allows them to learn about some of the areas of leadership that come instinctively to them, expand their awareness of other leadership skills and increase their effectiveness as they dialogue with colleagues about the application of these laws.
  • Everyone is part of a team. While everyone knows that teamwork is a good thing, you may not know how it really works.  The second phase is focused on individuals learning the how teamwork makes a difference and combining that learning with the learning from the 21 Laws of Leadership to expand their leadership effectiveness and influence with the people on their team.  Team building is a process and requires working together to grow the team.  
  •  The third phase of the program is focused on learning the 15 Laws of Personal Growth.  This is all about what it takes to reach our individual potential.  Developing yourself enables you to develop others.  It is hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow. If we are going to grow the organization, we must grow the people in the organization.  The Laws of Personal Growth will enable us to continue being lifelong learners whose potential keeps increasing. 

       Why the Laws?

    The great thing about a law is that you can depend on it.  No matter who you are, what your background is, or what circumstances you face, you can take these laws and apply them to your life.  The laws can be learned.  The laws can stand alone.  The laws carry consequences with them.  These laws are the foundation for leadership, teamwork and personal growth.
    Benefits to the Individual:

    Each cohort group will be established in a format similar to the professional learning community model that allows for discussion of the application of the laws to real life.  Though the theory of leadership is important, the actual application is where the individual will improve their effectiveness as a leader.

     Benefits to the Business and Organization:

    This program will help the business or organization improve the effectiveness of their leaders through personal and professional growth.  Through this program the business or organization will expand and distribute leadership and will multiply the number of leaders within the organization.

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