Innovations in Leadership
Expanding Your Horizons and Influence



What are leaders saying about their experiences in Mastermind Groups?

  • I’ve never studied leadership so in-depth.  As a practicing leader, with other leaders, it is very helpful.  This gives me a new perspective on my role as principal.  Also, the book was great, easy to read, makes good sense, loved the examples of famous leaders.
  • The mastermind group has helped me grow as a person as well as professionally in the education field.
  • In addition to expanding your leadership abilities, this experience will expand your personal skills.
  • This is the single most impacting professional growth venture I’ve been on!  This, for me, is the right thing at the right time.
  • It will change your career, give you great perspective, it’s easy, not a huge sacrifice, great “bang for the buck”!

The Mastermind Groups provided leaders more in depth leadership conversations about teamwork.  Here is what they are saying:  

  • The weekly conversations are what I benefit from most.  Taking the time to focus on my own professional growth has been great. 
  • I have learned to connect with my team on a personal level.
  • I appreciate the different perspectives from everyone.  It provides for a different level of thinking.
  • We have to recognize the variety of strengths our team has and make sure we are building those areas while still coaching the other areas.
  • To let go of control will empower my team to grow and be responsible for their programs.
  • My understanding and beliefs about the characteristics of effective teamwork are in line with Maxwell’s “Laws”.  I am not crazy!!
  • It empowers people to grow in their careers.  It gives leaders the opportunity to see themselves through their employees’ eyes.  Changes their perception of their staff.
  • Just taking the time to focus on growing your leadership skills was great.  We get so busy taking care of everything else we often forget our own Professional Development needs.


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