Host Live2Lead 2019

 Live2Lead is designed to equip you, your team and your customers with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways to breathe new life into your leadership and improve your bottom-line results. Join thousands of other leaders participating around the world for this information-packed half-day event! Schedule your team now for this impactful leader development experience, at your location, on a day that works best for you!  You will hear from John C. Maxwell, Rachel Hollis, Chris Hogan, Angela Arhendts, and Marcus Buckingham.

Live2Lead - Mark Cole and John Maxwell

You will enjoy this insight into the mentoring that Mark Cole receives from John Maxwell. John will communicate practical ways that leaders can seek out and develop those around them in two parts of Live2Lead 2019. He will share how to position leaders to build a winning team, how to coach leaders to higher levels and make them leadership developers themselves.     

Live2Lead 2019 - Rachel Hollis

 Leadership Lessons from the Best-selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing.   Gain practical insights into your leadership growth.  Speaker, author and CEO Rachel Hollis will challenge, motivate and inspire the audience in the leadership space with practical advice and tools to help leaders see their potential. 

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This is a opportunity to bring this event to your organization.

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